Wednesday, January 27

Inspiration from Children's Books (Part 1)

Today was a hard day. Free brownies in Health Class.
Really, Health Class? Was that necessary?

Luckily, instead of taking the time to walk around and socialize with my crumb-spreading peers, I pulled out this book:

AMAZING decision. This book was a TOTALLY awesome random find.

It's about Wilbur the Naked Mole Rat, who lives a different lifestyle than everyone else.
(Similarity 1.)
Wilbur feels more comfortable when clothed.
(Similarity 2- Considering... :P)
Wilbur does not take shit from anyone, and he becomes an awesome inspiration in individualism.
(Similarity 3?)

Then, with some google-searching, I found this:

I want to sleep with it. EVERY DAY. And steal its socks. And maybe the teeth... Hmm...

By the time I had finished reading, google-searching, and ogling, the brownie-munching of the class was over and I was able to return to the normally scheduled programming of class- WITHOUT FAILING.

This book pulled me through today. That's why when I anticipate a stressful week, I go to the library and randomly select like 5 children's books. I just keep one I haven't read in my backpack at all times, waiting for an emergency.

Is this ridiculously silly? Duh.
Is it effective? Obviously.

Hope you adopt the idea at least once, just to try it... :)



  1. Hey children's books CAN be inspiring. In the first winnie the pooh book, pooh gets stuck in rabbit's rabbit hole and has to fast for a week to get skinny enough to get out. Lol xD
    Good work on resisting brownies, I know that is crazy hard(I just stay away from them, because when we get together, very bad things happen).
    Keep up the good work!
    Scarlet <3

  2. I love this idea! I also like your blog. I have a little hippo called Harold, I know that sounds silly, but he always makes me smile :-)

  3. Scarlet:
    I'm glad you understand! And I definitely have a video of that Winnie the Pooh book somewhere, old-school VHS status. :D

    Thanks for the compliment. <3
    A hippo named Harold isn't silly-
    I have a maroon teddy bear named P.A.F. (Polyester Acrylic Fiber) who makes the BEST music videos. (Yes... you read that right... :P)

  4. I am BEYOND WORDS ecstatic to have happened upon your blog tonight. I can think of few things I need more in life than some extra happiness, optimism, positive energy...especially in dealing with Ana and all of her little tests and eccentricities and whatnot. You are frickin' awesome! :D (I know that sounded corny, but so be it. I'm excited. :P)

    The children's book idea is a fantastic one, and I can't wait to try it. I'm actually currently enrolled in a children's literature course at my university; one of my primary goals to achieve before I graduate in 2012 is to write, illustrate, and publish my first children's book. My daughter, 3, is my perfect inspiration (not to mention my own personal sounding board for story ideas).

    Also, before I leave this HUGE long random comment to go make sure I promptly click your little "follow" clicky button up there: I used to have a bear I absolutely LOVED as a child; he was smallish and pale, pastel yellow with a little orange nose, and his name was Polyester. The coincidence is uncanny! ;)

    Way to freakin' go, by the way, on resisting those brownies...I'm such a fail sucker when it comes to chocolate!! :/ Working on that, though. And 8 days fasting? Presentations? Business major?? Girl, you had me at no brownies. I am more than impressed. So glad to have found you. :D

  5. Oh, and PS? My daughter's middle name is Naomi. :D Kismet? I'd like to think so. ;)

  6. What a GREAT idea!! Omg..I am totally going to do this.

    And brownies are evil...just sayin'. :)

  7. That is such a cute idea I never would have thought of! I found a book like that in CVS; it was an inspirational keep-hope-alive-and-everything-will-be-alright type book I was going to give to a friend that was graduating from college, but I got greedy and kept it for myself!! (BAD THERishouldbeAPY, BAD!!!)

    Good job distracting yourself from the brownies. Its funny how a room full of people can start to feel guilty after just ONE person doesn't stuff their face with free food!! LOL..