Monday, August 23

Motivation? Yes. I think so.

Today, I feel like winning.

Know why?

Because somewhere someone is losing, and I figure, luck's gonna take it's precious time getting to me, so might as well take it into my own hands.

Thus: I skipped out on the free cookies in the square today, and the free burgers, and THEN didn't drive to get curly fries from JitB.

But... It's not that hard to ignore food, right? Tons of people do it. What's worth a blog post in that?

Moments after feeling proud of myself for passing up free food (or calories, as I like to refer to all edibles), I heard that there was a party that most of the people in my fraternity were invited to, but I wasn't.

My first thought was not anger, or jealousy, but...

If I were 15, 30, 65 pounds lighter... I'd have been invited. No one would want to miss the chance to see THIS woman in party gear with a shot glass in tow.

So I'm NOT upset about it- Just MOTIVATED! I WILL get that shocked look of, "WOW!" and hear people whisper, "When did she get so thhiiinnnn?" behind my back.

And... I won't miss out on free booze again because of my size. *sheepish grin*

Keep your goals in mind, home-slices! That's how you reach them!


Parties WILL be had!


  1. Hey Naomi, thanks for dropping by. (:

    Cookies, burgers and fries totally deserve the label of 'junk food'. Well done you for passing up on unnecessary calories!


  2. Being back at school and staying busy always works for me, too! It's not without challenges (roommates, junk food, etc.), but somehow it seems to work out.

    Good luck <3

  3. Good job resisting and turning negative into some positive motivation! You WILL get invited to one of those parties and you WILL be thin <3 Stay strong! xoxo
    P.S. Check out my blog? Pretty please? [;

  4. Hi there,
    I'm new to blogging.
    Its so great to see someone with such a positive attitude towards their eating choices. For me proana is all about inspiring and supporting each other I’m sick of reading about everyone’s doom and gloom.
    Well done resisting the free calories! They did a free pancake things at my college a few weeks ago, torture.
    Anyways love your blog, would be great if you could have a look at mine sometime :-).

  5. Yeah that's why they call it 'junk food'. I prefer no junk in the trunk =)

  6. wow, this was very inspiring, I love how cheerful your blog is! and congrats on passing on the junk food, I'm trying to keep my mind off the fridge, your blog was just the right thing to distract me :)