Monday, February 1

The Situation

Um... No. Not that Situation...
First of All:
I recognize that the 12 (OMG!!!!) of you who follow me probably weren't waiting on edge for a post from me, but regardless I apologize for my weekend hiatus. Too much alcohol and calories made me more than a little moody. >.<

Today is Day One of a Fasting Challenge! w00t!

I have 25 days until my boy comes to visit me (He's in Cali, I'm in Texas), and I need to lose at least 20 pounds by then.

Crazy insane? Yes. I know.


You all know how it is... You have goals, and they seem unrealistic, but if you try as hard as you can and push yourself to the limit, it's possible to do what all the Health Experts say shouldn't work.

So, what's keeping me positive about this? What's going to keep me motivated to succeed?

First and foremost:
This Blog and You People. <3

Also and not as importantly:
Thinspo, Punishments, and Homework.

If that proves inefficient, I WILL find something different, because I WILL be thinner when my boy comes than when he left!!!

Alright: This has been long. Sorry. Here's something to make YOU smile, and that isn't totally boring. ;)

This website is fantasmic. You list up to 43 life goals that you have, and as you complete them, you check them off the list. It seems silly, but sometimes it's just fun to surf around the site and look at all the creative, diverse, and lovely goals that everyone has in life. And... Reassuring to see that almost EVERYONE has some type of weight loss goal on there. Just reminds you that we are in the majority of people who want to change their bodies, but the minority of people willing to do it NOW.


Alright peeps-
I hope you like that site, and are doing well with your OWN goals!

(I'm'a go stalk your blogs now!)



  1. Naomi,I'm sure your bf likes you just the way you are ^^)

  2. Wow, so you're doing a 25 day fast?!? Good luck babe, you are a much better starver than I am, lol. I am sure that while being 20 lbs thinner would be an totally awesome thing, your BF will be happy just to have you in his arms again (*awwww*).
    Happy Fasting!
    Scarlet <3

  3. I just found your blog! Yay!! :D

    I'm so glad you are in on the weight loss challenge this week. We can do it! And you don't have to fast if you don't want to, the main rule is no purging is allowed. I am going to try and keep it fruit and veg only with a day or two of fasting thrown in for good measure. :)

    Be strong!

  4. First of all,I love your name (Naomi)

    Secondly,somehow,your positivity makes me feel really excited for you somehow. I love positive people. Too bad I'm not one of them.

    Lastly,the website is awesome. You just made my day. I love reading these sorta things. It makes me feel good! thanks :)

  5. Naomi, thank you for your comments on my blog on my crazy day yesterday and boy was it crazy! I like the idea of the website with goals :-)

  6. Naomi, now that I have found your blog, better believe I'm going to be waiting for your next post. I love your positivity, will power, and the personality you've portrayed in your posts :) Hope to read more about your fasting soon, maybe it will help keep me motivated on my fast as well :)
    Stay Strong!